About OMG

Ohakune Mardi Gras is now firmly established as the premier winter street party of the season; kick-starting the beginning of winter with a no-holds-barred, dressed-up, music inspired HUGE group hug of a party. The OMG experience mixes local up-and-coming acts with a sprinkling of internationals stars, throws in a hefty dash of street performance with the BEST low-level fireworks display EVER to deliver our patrons the most electric atmosphere this side of anywhere. It is un-debatable that the OMG experience will leave you (and your mates) with more than just new Facebook photos!


Suitcase 28.06.2014

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4 Thames 28.06.2014

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Hot Lava 27.06.2014

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Hot Lava 28.06.2014

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Suitcase 26.06.2014

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Turoa Ski Lodge 28.06.2014

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